Youth Ministry


     This is a group of teenagers in Jr. High and High School that meets  Sunday 's at 11:30 am at our building.  We  watch videos and hold discussions about themes of interest.  They also have special events, such as the Famine, camps, trips to Great America, and monthly lock-ins.  

     In these times of uncertaintity for our youth, we believe it's important to offer a safe place where they can gather, share, and discover the amazing love of God.  A team of dedicated leaders serves this group with responsibility and enthusiasm.   



      iWalk is a meeting place for college-age young people where they can be themselves and strengthen their walk with God.  As they meet weekly on Sundays at 11:30 am, they discuss topics that are relevant to them.  Here, they can ask any kind of question in an atmosphere of respect and confidentiality.  The leadership team is composed of three responsible adults who allow the young adults to blossom in faith and life matters.

      Young adults in this country have many reasons to be hopeless: the economy,  unemployment , crises in marriage and family life.  It is crucial to offer them a strong platform to believe that their future may be bright; iWalk does just that.





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Alameda, CA
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