Empowered by Christ to Love and to Serve

Sunday Schedule

Worship Services at 11:00am




Adult Class 9:45 am in the Fireside Room

Young Adult Class (Iwalk) 9:45 AM upstairs in room 21/23

Youth Class (Crash) 9:45 am in the Youth Room (Upstairs room 30)

Children's Classes:  Kinder Klub and Kids Klub 9:45am (Upstairs Room 29)


The Connector

12/04/2014 15:08
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Sunday sermons

07/07/2014 12:17
Adult Study: Teachers:  Henri Schuyers Topic: Lies People believe about God Time/Place: 9:45am in the Fireside Room.        iWalk: Jeanette and Debon Calixto and Krystal Fair Mills iWalk is a ministry for young adults age 18-25. This class is located in Room...


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