Christian Education Classes

07/07/2014 12:17

Adult Study:

Teachers:  Jeanette and Debon Calixto and Krystal Fair Mills

Topic: Lenten Series

Time/Place: 9:45am in the Quiet Room at the rear of the Sanctuary. The Adult Class will be joining the iWalk Young Adult Class for this series of lessons from February 26th to April 16th





iWalk is a ministry for young adults age 18-25. This class is located in the Quiet Room in the rear of the Sanctuary


Kinder Klub:

For children from walking age to 4 years old.  They currently meet upstairs in room 29.


Kids Klub:

For children attending K-5th are welcomed. Class is located in Room 29 on the second floor on the left as soon as you get to the top of the stairs that are near the gym. 



Teens in middle school or High school may attend. Located on the second floor next to the Kids Klub class and across from the stairwell closest to the gym. 




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